Your Voice is Important

Be informed. Learn about the dangers of flavored tobacco products and share your insights with friends, family, and members of your community.

Once you’re informed, take a stand and speak out against Big Tobacco’s sweet deception and targeting tactics, and encourage others to do the same. Contact your principal, school district or youth-related organizations and plan an event that aims to educate the community—and in particular parents—on the dangers of candy-flavored tobacco.

Help Create Tobacco Free Campuses in Florida

Lend your support to your local community’s tobacco prevention and control efforts.

Get Involved Now

Advocacy in Action

Many municipalities throughout the state of Florida have taken on candy-flavored tobacco head-on through resolutions. As of September 30, 2012, 42 counties and about 115 cities in the state have passed resolutions urging local vendors to cease the sale and marketing of all candy-flavored tobacco products.

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