Smoking and Stress

Ask Floridians why they still smoke and you often hear that cigarette smoking “relieves stress.” While most people know the serious health risks of smoking and the benefits of quitting, giving up cigarettes as a way to cope with [Read More...]

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Why Smoking is Especially Bad if You or Your Family Have Asthma and/or Allergies

What Is Asthma?Asthma is a chronic disease that affects the airways of the lungs, which are tubes that carry air to your lungs.1 During an asthma attack, these airways become swollen, making it hard to breathe. As the walls [Read More...]

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How to Talk to Your Kids About Tobacco

For decades, young people sneaking a cigarette or dip in the backyard out of their parents’ sight was dismissed as a rite of passage. Unfortunately, these exact moments are when tobacco use begins and for far too many kids [Read More...]

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How Does Smoking Damage Your Heart?

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. About every 25 seconds, someone in the U.S. will have a coronary event. And every minute, someone will die from a coronary event. Smoking is a major cause [Read More...]

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Powerful Anti-Smoking Ad Campaigns Work

Hard-hitting anti-smoking media campaigns effectively raise awareness about the serious toll that tobacco use takes on one’s health and the many lives it affects. In the United States, tobacco use is responsible for about 480,000 deaths each year. For [Read More...]

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Why Smoking is Especially Bad If You Have Diabetes

Smoking and Diabetes What Is Diabetes?Diabetes is a group of diseases in which blood sugar levels are higher than normal. Most of the food a person eats is turned into glucose (a kind of sugar) for the body’s cells [Read More...]

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What Tobacco Free Florida Can and Can’t Do

As a government agency, the Florida Department of Health and the Bureau of Tobacco Free Florida cannot institute or advocate for new laws. We do, however, help inform the public about tobacco’s health risks and dangers, and local Tobacco [Read More...]

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Fresh Air For All

Florida has made many achievements in protecting its residents from the harmful effects of tobacco. Since 2007, with the help of Tobacco Free Florida, there are nearly half a million fewer adult smokers in the state. Yet, both tobacco [Read More...]

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Big Tobacco & Point of Sale Advertising

It’s no coincidence that the tobacco industry spends the majority of its marketing dollars — about $7.3 billion in 2010 alone — on strategies to promote retail sales in the United States. After all, convenience stores, gas stations and [Read More...]

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How to Talk to Your Kids About Tobacco if You Use Tobacco or Recently Quit

Back-to-school time means a lot of things for parents: arranging carpools, managing schedules, and helping their kids prepare for their first day back in the classroom. It’s also the perfect time for you to talk to your kids about [Read More...]

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